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The Fitness Industry has been decimated. IHRSA estimated that as of Sept. 30, 2020, 15% of gyms had permanently closed. The industry lost more than $15 billion in revenue and cut 480,000 jobs. The stats are horrifying. But, we have to accept the “new normal” and pivot with it.

As you grasp your way through the dark...
As you rebuild your membership from this devastation...
As you try to create new programs…

You may start noticing that you are having a harder time closing sales conversations.

Do you know why?

Even though the fitness industry was hit hard by the pandemic, it has brought more awareness to the importance of health and exercise.

People want to get healthy, but for a new set of reasons!

All you need to do is change the conversation you're having and people will be begging to sign up for your programs.

If you don’t, you will continue to watch as your program and membership sales wither.

Our new guide How To Increase Your Closing Rate in the New Selling Environment will give you the tools you need to start having that conversation.

You will learn:

  • The easiest way to position yourself as the fitness authority so your prospect is hanging on your every word (And trusting you to guide them to the right program)
  • How to eliminate convincing or forcing prospects in sales conversations so you can be your authentic self and both parties leave happy regardless of the outcome
  • The one thing that you haven’t been doing but once you learn it... you’ll give yourself a big old facepalm…. It just makes sense.

I understand how busy you are as a fitness business owner. So it’s a quick read, it will only take about ten minutes to read. And you’ll start to see results as soon as you can have your next sales conversation. But you’re probably wondering...

Why Should You Trust Me?

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Hey I’m Nick and I have been coaching fitness business owners for over 15 years. 

At first I struggled to understand how to get fitness business owners from stagnant & struggling to thriving & vibing. After years of working with owners 1-on-1, Fitness Revolution was created and we developed our Fitness Business Alignment System. This system educates and empowers gym owners in every aspect of business: Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Finance. 

During the pandemic many of our clients have broken the status quo. They are increasing yearly revenue, expanding their memberships, and creating healthier communities.

What Clients Are Saying:

I started out at $7,000/mo in revenue and quickly grew to $20,000/mo in revenue in my first 6 months. Now I have two locations and 168 clients!

Tina Morin
Morin Strength & Conditioning

The marketing resources and coaching provided by Fitness Revolution allowed me to grow from 17 clients to over 150!

Ryan Morgan
Pursuit Fitness & Performance

Since working with FR, I doubled my business in the first few months. That allowed me to leave my job and go full-time into my business.

Joe Rouse
Breakaway Fitness & Performance

We have done the work for you (So you don't have to):

How To Increase your Closing Rate in the New Selling Environment is the product of 15 years of proven results for over 30k fitness business owners.

If you want to increase your revenue, expand your membership, and change more lives through fitness, just fill out the contact form below and we will send you a copy of How To Increase your Closing Rate in the New Selling Environment.

I have a lot of respect for business owners who invest their time and energy into their future. I’m one of them. I get it.  

If that’s you, too, then you’ve chosen to download our guide and I’m looking forward to seeing the growth ahead of you.

I'll see you soon.

Nick Berry, CEO  

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