Hot Seat with Meagan Sbat

0:00 Introductions

2:45 What it was like before the pandemic

4:50 How Megan became a better, more focused business owner in 2020

6:40 How she kept revenue while losing clients

8:40 How she managed being a leader

10:14 How she learned to delegate with her coach

12:10 Switching locations during pandemic

14:40 How she helped her 50-70 year old demographic feel safe

15:50 Vision for the future

17:05 Breaking her lease

19:19 The value of relationships

20:22 Showing her humanity, and being open and transparent with her clients

22:39 Being a part of the re-opening taskforce

24:37 Lead generation strategies/Lunch & Learns/Networking Groups

28:20 Referrals & Families

30:41 Lunch & Lean Structure and Offer

34:14 Handling popular and full times

35:58 Seeing the future as a leader

38:32 Building Joint Ventures to improve service and reduce overhead

48:10 QR Codes to attract FEOs

51:15 Making bold moves

53:15 Value of mentorship/Not being alone

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